my original game concept was about a player being able to pick up monsters and to absorb them. which then changes the players physical form and their inventory that in turn lets the player advance through the environment. but I though of limitations such as only 2-5 monsters held which would make the game more diverse.


The angle that I wanted to go at, was the traditional 2d but streets of rage like with pickups. but i was struggling with game maker. i got through some of the art and planned for some more but was halted by the programming aspect. here i have the level i was going to do.

Now as a 3d artist for this team I worked on:
-Creating 3d models
-Creating some 2d concept sketches of people, environments and props

And those were my jobs in this team. Some of 2d stuff was replaced by actual photo reference thus passing up the opportunity to create some 2d concepts opportunities.
Also I faced early on some communication issues but were solved almost instantly by finding the method of communication. And then after that it all became much easier finding out what was to be done.
And there it is no fluff.here is a link to my contributions

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