here is a video capture of my puzzle level.
Puzzle Video


Now that we have been through the basic 3d ideas, i wish we could have seen the pvp aspect that we all loved in the paper version, but sometimes programs do not comply. So it is my hope that we can lean more towards a single player aspect that will combine mine and Johns ideas. Both had their highs and lows, and from that aspect, we can meld them into an amalgam of wonder.

Week 4

Made my puzzle level, and had people test it. I took my idea from Portal, and other puzzle games that i have played. When Iceman was playing it, he seemed a bit frustrated because he didn't seem to know where to go. Unfortunately FPS creator had limited resources and you couldn't add a bunch of assets in the level. With more props, level direction may have been accomplished better, and the level wouldn't have been as frustrating.

Week 2

So far, we have decided to make my game. I have been working on a puzzle driven level. In this level, you will be in a lab/military complex, and must navigate your way through in order to reach the end and complete the level. Everything is being compiled in FPS creator in order to throw things together at a fast pace and get the feel of 3d and the ideas of how the puzzles will run.

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