date entry 4/22:

my game was tested. The professor enjoyed the idea, and I had some constructive criticism from it. First things first: TOO DIFFICULT. I wanted to make it challenging, but the snipers were a little too accurate and frequent. More health and the platforming should be easier, but that's probably just a technical issue on FPS creator itself. Other than that, my game had some positive feedback.

date entry 4/20:

going with a non-traditional approach to a first-person perspective game, I've decided to implement light puzzle, and heavy platforming elements for the demo due tomorrow. If I can figure out how to work FRAPS, I can actually show my gameplay idea.

As it goes, the flow of my demo goes like this:

Player starts on a platform within a level that has three levels of platforms. At the top of the level is a portal, which is the goal. You are unarmed, but there is a pistol located at the very top platform. To reach the platform, the player must pick up and stack crates to reach the higher platforms.

To make things more interesting, within the other side of the level are several floating platforms as well, that are stationed with snipers. The player must avoid these snipers by running and using the walls for cover, making their way up to that pistol.

Of course, a pistol against several snipers is a stupid idea, isn't it? Well, in true Indiana Jones fashion, the all around the platforms of where the snipers are nested are explosive barrels. The pistol itself cannot save you against the snipers (even if you're a crackshot, you have limited ammo), so the player must aim for a barrel. Once one explodes, it creates a chain reaction, taking out the enemies as well as clearing a path to the platform.

I've created this level in mind for people who are not necessarily skilled at first person shooters, or love them. With this gameplay idea, one doesn't have to rely on being quick on the fingers, or be frustrated at being mowed down by bullets of fire (unless, of course, you stand still and let the snipers pick at you, at which point…what are you doing?!)

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