Day 1

I have been torn from what I have known. I still don't know why or where I am, but i do know this isn't where I was planning on going today. The people seem friendly enough, but things just don't seem right. Everyone here is nice enough, but it feels as if something is a miss. Hopefully I can figure out where I have been taken, and what I'm supposed to do. In the mean time, I had better find a place to stay.


Day 3

I've made my way to a research facility. I don't know exactly what they are doing here, but their medical lab has cadavers that don't look like anything from this place. They don't know that I'm in here, but I think i over heard one of the scientists talking about a teleportation system. I hope i can use that to get out of this forsaken place.


Day 7

Been lost in so many new worlds. I wish i knew what the Mastermind is planning, or why i have to fix his mistakes. Crazy old man seems to have messed up plenty of these places, and i don't see how i could possibly fix them all on my own. I'm starting to miss my family, and god knows how long i truly have been gone. Hopefully this will be over sooner than later.


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