Our Paper Prototypes

Here are our preliminary ideas of our individual games. These are the paper prototypes we created to test the playability of our games.

Jesse's Game

My game was a bit like hero clicks. It had a 1v1 setting, and was easily converted into a 2v2 or a 4 player free for all. It had a simple attack and move procedure. A 4 sided dice was used for move and bases attack, and then when players picked up new weapons, damage was increased. In the last iteration, i limited the amount of uses certain weapons had for a chance of balance in the game. It seemed to be a successful paper prototype, but only focused on combat. So for my next step, i decided to go for a puzzle level in 3d.

here is the original map i used to play on.

The black squares were impassible areas, while the grey were just for looks. Also the black splotches were portals.

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