User Test day, nooooo! Jesse and John came up with some kool prototypes that i cant wait to play (seeing them and playing thru are totally different). The other team is going to playtest their game with us as well…..well, that's their problem.

Jesse is a genius at pissing people off with his never-ending door of magic tricks (if u kno where ur going, ur lying. But then again, I'm slow). Its fun picking up and throwing exploding boxes, but the keys you find u must lose all the time cuz there are many of them. The fake wall that u blow thru is a sweet add-on to discovering secrets and thinking out-the-box. The only issue is you'd never know where the wall is because it blends in seamlessly to the environment (of course due to limited resources from the engine). The game was addicting, yet u wouldn't start over if u died. I had the most fun during my 1st playthru with this game. This puzzle is solved.

John focused on the action element of the game. The barriers he created to block the oncoming assault from the enemy looked in good reason, but whenever you step out in view they ALWAYS hit you. Getting hit hurts, and the more you hurt, the easier it is to die. With that aside adding the puzzle factor from Jesse's game made it more creative and challenging, sure. The player is forced to multi-task: dodging enemy bullets and solving the puzzle - the player soon learns they may have to take a few trips back to the bad side of town for the necessary equipment to complete the level. I would have liked to enjoy it more if I didn't die so soon (hey, not bcuz I suck).

By their powers combined, we can have a game prototype in the making; nostalgic, huh? I hope by adding Jesse's puzzle-like features: fake/breakable wall, key-to-door, exploding boxes to John's platform skills: level design, puzzle creation we can create a game that pisses you off and makes u smile all the while.


Today I have begun to research all the different locations we are deciding to use for the worlds in our game. In the concept, the player is thrown from their distinct world into the wrong time period; like them other people (the enemies) from different eras have landed as well. With all of their skills and unique weapons from where they reside each person must find the one artifact that will allow them to escape back to their time. Interesting, huh?


We had a discussion about our game prototypes and whose would we use during the course of the semester. Jesse wins the Battle of the Six-Headed Monster (dice, for u idiots). We are using his amazing game idea and will achieve an even greater victory, MUWAHAHAHAHA!


I haven't been the hardcore, hands-on personnel of the team, but we all have a part to play (in due time). So far I've been writing down and typing up documents to polish off our game.

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